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          Make Bath Time fun for your Child with a Kids Towel

          It’s always a struggle to give your child a bath. They squirm, they giggle, and they splash you with water as well! Rarely does your child submit to a quiet bath, especially when you start to wrap them in a towel. Here’s a little trick you can use to make bath times more fun for both of you: get a kids towel that your child will adore.

          Which is the best towel for Kids?

          The best kids’ towels are those that are soft and fluffy, and which feature a design that the child loves. However, the towel you pick for your child depends on where it is going to be used. For instance, a bath towel is slightly different from a beach or swim towel, in both absorbency and size. Beach towels are hardier, since the kid is likely to lay it down on the sand to sleep on. They are also bulkier and designed to withstand the effect of both sand and salt. However, the best brands like Spaces create kids towels that can be used with equal ease at both the shower and the beach. Make sure that the towel you buy for your child: * Has a design or colours that they like. The chances of them going for a bath without complaint are higher when they like the towel they use after the bath. * Is not too large, which might create a tripping hazard when the towel is wrapped around them. Most kids towels have the standard dimensions of 65 cm x 130 cm. Match the size with your child’s height before buying the towel. The towel should be large enough to envelop them completely, leaving space for their feet to move comfortably. * Is super absorbent. It must absorb as much water from the skin and head as possible. Leaving the head or skin damp might give your child a cold. * Is extremely soft on the skin. Your child will not like a hard, scratchy surface being run on their skin after a relaxing bath. * Can be washed frequently without any effect on its fibres or colours. The kids towel must be washed as often as possible to keep their skin and hair free of dried sweat, dead skin, hair and dirt. Do not use the towel for more than one week at a time, and wash it using your usual detergent in the washing machine.

          How to Buy a Kids Towel

          Children are picky about what they want to wear and use. If they like a design or texture, they will gravitate towards it immediately. If your child likes the Minions characters, or even characters from popular Disney movies like Frozen, then you should buy printed towels for them with these characters. Else, you can pick a kids towel online that has their favourite colour. We recommend seating your kid with you when you are buying them a towel. They can help you make the right choice, and browse the collection with you. Click on the image of the towel provided on the website, to know more about the fabric and colour. Also study the towel’s specifications (material and dimensions) as well as wash and care instructions.

          Washing the Kids Towel

          Your child’s towel is an important part of their daily bath time. They love being dried off after their shower and enveloped in its warmth. But you must do your bit to ensure that the towel remains soft and absorbent even after multiple uses and washes. * Wash the towel in cool or cold water, and with a mild liquid or powder detergent. * If possible, wash the kids towel with your child’s other clothing, and not with the other items in your usual laundry load. * Do not bleach the towel. * Do not dry clean the towel. This is likely to make the fibres more abrasive and scratchier, which is unpleasant for your child’s skin. * If you think that the towel is too stiff, you can use some fabric softener in the wash. However, this is often not necessary if the towel is a soft, fluffy one. * You may iron the towel after the wash on a low heat setting. * Dry the towel in the shade, away from direct sunlight. This helps preserve its fibre strength and colour for long.

          Why Buy Kids Towel from Spaces?

          Spaces is your one-stop solution for all your bath linen needs. Whether you need a kids towel or a printed adults one, Spaces has just the selection for you. Browse through the site to find the right design in towels for your child. Then sit back and watch them enjoy their bath times with gusto! They will love the soft texture and warm comfort of the towel with every bath. Also look up the Spaces blog for ideas and inputs on how to buy the right kids towels.
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