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          The Best Printed Towels for Your Home

          While refurnishing your home, you realise that your existing stash of towels is old and quite unexciting. It’s time to replace them with zany new ones! But you are dismayed at the smaller number of options you see in bath linen stores. You don’t want to pick the same old monochromes. Your next best option is to choose a printed towel.

          What is a Printed Towel?

          A printed towel is one that has prints or lettering, or some kind of design on its body. It is unlike the plain towel, which features one colour or block colours in one or two different hues. Printed towels are quirky, youthful, and a lot of fun. They are normally preferred by children and younger age groups, though older people might like them as well. Premium bath linen brands like Spaces have this category of towels with lettering, or design motifs, or representative of a sporting event, for example.

          It’s time to Get Printed Towels for your Home

          This kind of towel was traditionally bought for children, but fun themes and motifs for adults are making an appearance in towels lately. Children love to see their favourite cartoon characters on the towel’s body. Meanwhile, grownups like sassy or funny messages, or symmetric printed designs. Large printed towels are normally used at the beach or for a swim at the pool. But there’s no reason why you cannot buy a fresh new stock of printed towels for your home. Printed towels help break the monotony of a white bathroom and introduce a fun element in your bathing space. They can feature hot colours like bubble gum pink or crimson, or have stars or big floral motifs on a plain background colour. You can even buy ‘His’ and ‘Her’ towels for the guest room, with printed towels. This type of towel shows your slightly eccentric design aesthetic and the youthful side of your personality. It also shows a tendency to make a break from tradition and try something new, at least in terms of towel design. If you’re looking to add zest and new beginnings into your bathroom closet, then printed body towels are the way to go.

          How to Buy Printed Towels

          Not many brands in India offer options in printed towels, but premium ones like Spaces do. You should look for what you need online. It is simpler to browse through the online collection and buy the towel directly from the manufacturer website. Check all the information about the towel: size, fabric and material, wash and care instructions, etc. Once you make your selection, you can add the towel(s) to your shopping cart. Now proceed to checkout and pay for the towel(s) online. Once ordered, the product is dispatched and delivered within a week from purchase date. You can also track its delivery status using the tracking number provided during purchase.

          Caring for the Towel

          It is important to follow the manufacturer’s wash and care instructions when washing your printed towel. General care instructions are as follows: * Wash with like colours on ‘Tumble dry’ setting. * Use cold or cool water while washing the towel. * Do not use bleach on the towel. * Do not dry clean the towel. * Dry the towel in shade away from direct sunlight to protect its colour and fibres. * Wash the towel as often as required, using the steps outlined above.

          Why Choose Spaces to buy Printed Towels

          Spaces is one of India’s leading brands in the bath linen space. When you buy a towel from Spaces, you are assured of the highest quality in terms of material used, absorbency, rapid drying and durability. You get a range of prints to suit your sensibilities as well. The towels absorb water quickly and also dry fast, so that there are no musty smells left behind. Nor does the towel harbour any bacterial growth or mould since it dries up fast. Just log on to the Spaces website to find out to buy a printed towel of your choice. Buying a printed towel on Spaces online is as easy as using it. Browse through the collection, make your selection and proceed to pay for it online. You can even track the shipment’s status using the tracking ID provided during your purchase. The towels are sent to your address shortly, and they are packed securely to prevent damage in transit. The Spaces blog has many more design ideas and tips on how to pick the right towel for your home. Do look it up today!
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