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          Gym Towel – The one Important Gym Essential

          It’s all about the hard grind at the gym! You go to the gym a few times a week to work up a sweat and keep yourself fit. You’ve invested in expensive exercise clothing and shoes, and you also carry a swank bottle to the gym. But have you bought the single most important item you need for a cleaner workout? Have you bought a gym towel?

          What is a Gym Towel?

          As the name suggests, a gym towel is a small towel you use to wipe your skin at the gym. As you work up a sweat with cardio and/or strength training workouts, your skin begins to lose a lot of sweat. You need to wipe it away from your face, neck, arms and upper back to feel more comfortable. Often, excess sweat makes your clothes cling to your body. It may even drip on to the floor or exercise equipment. You must wipe it away before it bothers you and others using the gym. Gym equipment is notoriously rife with germs. Several hands use weights, kettlebells, treadmill handles, cross equipment, jump ropes, elliptical bars, and so on. Each person transfers their own sweat to the equipment they touch, thus transferring germs and bacteria from one equipment to another. A gym towel can help you wipe away equipment shining with somebody else’s sweat, or another piece of equipment before you touch and use it yourself. Meanwhile, you also need to wipe your own hands and face periodically while working out. A gym towel helps with these. It is highly absorbent, quick drying and resistant to wear and tear due to heavy use and frequent washing. Look for a light material and high absorbency when you buy a gym towel.

          How to Buy and Use a Gym Towel

          Premium bath linen brands like Spaces have a wide range of colours in gym towels. These are unisex towels made of a breathable, soft material that absorbs fluid quickly and also dries rapidly. Look for gym towels that are rectangular in shape, if you do a lot of bench and weight work. If you are at the gym for basic cardio or go running outdoors, then a square towel that folds into your pocket is enough. Here’s how you use a gym towel: * Wipe the sweaty skin on your face, neck, shoulders, arms and legs. * Wipe away sweat on the equipment you are about to use. * Clean the handles or bars of the equipment you are about to use, just as a precaution. * Keep your skin cool and sweat-free for added efficiency and hygiene during the workout. * Wash the towel after every use. Do not repeat use because the towel will have absorbed copious amounts of sweat and grime and will harbour bacterial growth if left damp in your bag. * Wash the gym towel separate from the rest of your washing. Preferably, you should wash it with the rest of your gym clothing (tops, leggings/track bottoms, socks) with like colours, and using cool or cold water. Use the ‘Tumble dry’ setting on the washing machine. * Avoid dry cleaning or using bleach on the towel. * Dry the towel in the shade away from direct sunlight and dust.

          Which Towel is Best for Gym?

          Look for a gym towel online that is lightweight, highly absorbent and made of a soft material. It may be made out of cotton, cotton-synthetic blend or bamboo fibres. It is better to buy gym towels from reputed brands like Spaces, which have a wide range of towels for exercise in many exciting colours. Look for towels with standard sizes of 30 cm x 90 cm.

          Why Choose Spaces to buy Gym Towels

          Spaces.in has the widest range of towels for the gym towel , face towel, hands towel and bath towel. Each towel is crafted out of premium high-quality material that is light and breathable. This ensures that the towel is highly absorbent and also dries rapidly upon use. Repeated washing and use do not affect its colour or threat count in any way. Buying a gym towel from Spaces is as easy as using it. Browse through the collection on the Spaces website and select the colours you look. Check the sizes and material, making note of the washing and care instructions outlined alongside. Once you make your selection, you can add the product(s) to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout. The product is ready for shipping and dispatch after you pay for it online. The towels reach your address in one week within placing the order for it. Spaces has your exercise and hygiene needs covered. Trust Spaces when you look for towels for the gym. You can also find more ideas and tips on the Spaces blog.
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